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aus_cult_tv's Journal

Cult TV - Community for Aussie Fans
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Tired of being spoiled, want to discuss television with other people in the same time-zone and not six months behind, well here is the community for you

This is the community for Australians to discuss cult and genre television.

It's an offshoot from the Ausbuffy Yahoogroups Mailing List, created to discuss other television shows (as well as Buffy and Angel) after the demise of both Whedon shows.


1. Spoilers cuts for any television show that hasn't been aired in Australia, or just recently in Australia always. If you don't know how to do an LJ Cut, feel free to ask.

2. This is focused on Cult Television, but any drama can be discussed. No reality television is allowed, there are plenty of other communities for that if you wish to discuss.

3. Refrain from using netspeak. Not everyone can understand it.

Please note: Regarding rule 1, 'Spoiler' is a relative term. Some people are more sensitive than others as to what is classed as a spoiler. As a courtesy to all members and to keep things simple, for posts to this community (and posting is encouraged) please Spoiler Cut anything that is not known before the episode/season in the post.
Examples: That a character joins the show, that an actor joins the show, the fact that a character dies, the name of a character that dies, that a character is actually not who they seem and so on. As a general rule of thumb, if someone would have only just learned of it by watching the episode in question, please cut it.

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